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Do You Have An Abundance or Scarcity Mindset?!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first official blog post. I’m super excited about this new blog and being able to share and help you all find some quality ways to create some additional income, whether it’s an ongoing passive income so you can have your freedom to live life the way you really want or you just want to make some extra bucks to supplement your current income. Either way, I’m here to help.

So hopefully, your already sipping on your favorite cup of joe, as I am… a delicious cup of cinnamon dulce latte with soy milk no foam, and whip creme, curtesy of Starbucks.. let’s dive in..

If you haven’t had a chance, go head and head on over to my “about me” to find out a bit more about the face behind this blog and my intentions.

So, I know you came here to find out how you can make some money, some dough, some dolla dolla bills… but… before that, I wanted my first post to be on the mindset because in my opinion and experience in life, it is the most important. Whether you make zero dollars or hundreds of thousands, it honestly makes no difference if your mind always have you thinking “you don’t have enough”, or “be careful, you might run out”, or “stuff is so expensive” and other things you mind tells you than you will always NEED more money. That’s why you hear about people who won the power ball, $150 MILLION DOLLARS and they bankrupt with nothing to show for it, it’s true, I watched a documentary once of a man who won the lottery 3 times, over $100 MILLION DOLLARS! He ended up going bankrupt with nothing to show for it, losing his wife, and daughter overdosing on drugs (she wasn’t doing them prior) and he got into so much legal trouble and was a drunk after he finally decided to quit his job (he was a sheriff). Well, he’s sober again and broke and he prefer being broke. He blames the way things happened on him winning the money, it was a “CURSE” for him. Yup, he called it a curse. And we always hear about celebrity woes… But on the flipside, there are also amazing stories of people who won the lottery and have been doing great and thriving and if you hear their stories it’s because they learned they had to change the way they thought about money and how they handled it.

How to Know if You Have Scarcity Mindset

To identify whether or not you have a scarcity mindset first I’m going to display the definition of scarcity. Dictionary.com defines scarcity as “insufficiency or shortness of supply”. So to have a scarcity mindset means that your mind is in the state of lack, not enough, fleeting, insufficient, and want and many other “lacking” words. Yeah ugly words huh?!

I want to keep this simple and understandable because it is and I want you to be able to clearly identify the areas in your mind that needs adjust, so I have 3 ways to identify if you have a scarcity mindest.

3 Ways to Identify Scarcity Mindset

-Scarcity Mindset Focuses on Negative

You see the negative in every situation. I know, your mind justifies it as being “logical” or “smart” or “thinking it through from different angles” but not when your stuck on why it did NOT work out or could not work out. It’s always someone’s fault for why things turned out the way they did for you or didn’t turn out.

-Scarcity Mindset Thinks in Terms of “Not Enough”

You always feel like you just don’t have enough. Whether to pay bills or extracurricular activities. You may belive that it’s just not enough in the world. It’s too many wealthy people, your too late. This may sound funny but it was one of my beliefs. Not conciously but subconciously. I didn’t believe it was enough to go around for me to make “extra” money so whatever I tried, if it wasn’t producing results fast enough I quit because I didn’t have time, the money was going to run out… lol. It’s funny now but that thought kept me broke for years! Projects I started but didn’t finish because “other people are already making money doing that, it’s not enough for me, I’m too late”.

-Scarcity Mindset is Paralyzed By Fear

Scarcity mindset will keep you from doing anything and everything because you’ll always go back to the idea that you don’t have enough. It was times I didn’t want to take my kids to the park because my mind would run through the whole day that “we would leave out with snacks, kids would play, get hungry, we stop at a fast food (which is not healthy) but than that will be about $15 for one meal (but thats not even healthy) by time we get home we’ll all be thristy..” Now this is all in my mind and now my mind just scared me into not leaving the house. Again this funny but we’ve all had this equalivalent thought. Lack makes you fearful to live.

So What Is the “Abundant” Mindset?

It goes without saying that, I’ll give the definition hear of abndance. Dictionary.com defines abundance as simply “a very large quantity of something”. So to have an abundant mindset is to think in terms of fullness, more than enough, everlasting, bounty, a plethora, plentiful. So in essence, your thoughts would be complete opposite of above. Instead of focusing on negative circumstances, you would look for positive, instead of thinking you don’t have enough for the things you need or want, you would believe that you do or that it’s on the way. And instead of blaming people and circumstances, take responsibilty, it could’ve actually been someone elses fought but than what?! You cant change them. Find a way to take responsibility for it so that you have the power to change it for YOU.

You know that you are practicing an abundant mindset because first you will feel better. I promise you, life feels different when you start talking and thinking differently and thats before your physical reality actually changes. You’ll be more joyful, at peace, optimistic, relaxed, empowered, and energized. You’ll start to see things differently, it’s a magical transformation seriously.

Just wondering, how many times have you reheated your coffee so far?!? I count 2.. haha!

The abundance mindset is about knowing that it is more than enough for you. And if you are not sure, I will tell you, It Is! God created us to have an abundant life. All of us, all of us who choose to believe it and accept it. The abundant mindset is knowing that if something seemingly didn’t go your way, don’t worry it will because “all things work out for MY good” regardless of how it looks right now. The abundant mindset knows that we all have to step out our comfort zone a little everyday and this is coming from a complete introvert.

How to Transition

For the sake of keeping it simple for you because I know how it is. I’m going to break it down in a few steps that will get you headed in the right direction..

1. Start Becoming Mindful- Becoming “mindful” simply means to become aware of what your thinking. You may think you are but I challenge you to write down your thoughts or conculsions about something for a week, even a day or 2 and you’ll be surprised. For instance, you may go to the store and see something that is “expensive” and I say ” I wish” or “I could never afford that” or “I would never spend that much on that” and it could be anything like an organic tomatoto for $5, yes just 1 lol… write it down and peel back the layers of that 1 thought and you’ll be surprised. You’ll find out what is implanted in your subconscious thoughts that run your decisions that you automatically follow.

2. Be Grateful- I know, so cleache! But I promise you it works. Write down 3-5 things your grateful for daily. It’s best if you can do it in the morning to set the tone for the day but if you can’t.. it’s fine just start. I will do a separate post on this as well because I have found it very rewarding in my life and honestly it was kind of a challenge to get going with it.I’ll explain over in that post.

3. Give- You can give anything, your time, your energy, your resources, those clothes you dont wear anymore but there nice so you still have them hanging in your closet, you kids toys that they haven’t touched for 2 years. And I don’t mean sell them, I actually mean to just give them away. It don’t have to be everything but instead of selling the jeans you intended to maybe give those away instead, JOYFULLY!

It’s something theraputic about giving, it really do make you feel amazing no matter how your day start. Honestly just give a few compliments and your mood will shift. If your an introvert like me, somedays it’s like pulling teeth for me to get my mouth to part and compliment someone. Not that I’m not nice or want too but it’s something about my safe bubble that’s sometimes hard to pop lol…

4. Make A Decision- This probably should actually be number 1 but it’s not sooo… but make a decision. Quite frankly nothing happens and nothing changes until you actually decide that you want to change. You have to decide that you want to do better, be better, have better, be different. This is a journey, a lifestyle, and requires some heavy commitment in the beginning because your attempting to rewire your brain which in essence is going to redirect your life. I don’t want to care you because it is doable and you just take tiny steps, any small step in the right direction is progress. But you do have to decide.

Progress Not Perfection

So in essence this post covered the difference between the abundance vs scarcity mindset and how to transition from one to the other. I will definitely be diving more into these topics throughout but I wanted to introduce the topic first. Hopefully this post is not to “scattered-brained” because I get so excited sometimes to talking about this stuff and writing that I’m jumping. Please share your thoughts about abundance mindset or scarcity mindset.

My next post will be focused on making moola so be excited for that. Please let me know any suggestions for making money ideas that your interested in. I have a lot to roll out but I will also take “reader’s request”.

Thanks a bunch! India

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