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3 Best Apps to Save Money

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my space on the internet, where we sit back in our comfy spaces, sip our delicious coffee and make some mooola!!!

So before we get started, I have to ask… what are you drinking??? Me?! just a plain strong hot medium roast coffee with vanilla creamer (my favorite).. this coffee is pretty good, its actually new to me but so far so good. And I’ve paired it with my favorite mega omega trail mix for an additional boost of healthy energy…

Now that we got that out the way. On this post I’m going to be sharing some ways to make or save money, depending on how you see it, with things that your already doing. I consider them ways of making money because if you don’t do it than you wouldn’t get anything back. Hopefully your like me and if it’s a way to create a flow of money on something I’m already doing then why not. 

These are just things I suggest setting up as back work I guess. It’s not to create an income but it surely do add up and depending on where you are in your reason for additional income, these sources really add to the big picture at the end of the month. I try to sweep these accounts and transfer them into my savings but a lot of times I forget about that and it’s so exciting when I randomly decide to check them or you get a deposit into your paypal randomly. Honestly these are nobrainers to me and makes so much since. The key is to create a plan for them! More on that at the end…


Digit is an app based (now online as well) FDIC insured savings account that helps you save money painlessly automatically, in small, virtually unnoticed withdraws. If you’ve tried to create a savings habit than you already know that it’s not so easy starting off to get into the habit but saving some money is neccessary so thats where this app come in to play. Digit is pretty simple and strightforward. However it is no longer free, they now charge $2.99 a month but since it helps me save more than $2.99 month, I figure I could “donate” it to them for all their help lol… 

What I like about them: Again, there pretty simple and straightforward. You set it up and it’s good to go. They analyze your account and spending habits to determine how much to save for you daily and they have a “low balance” automatic transfer back. So if your account goes below a certain amount they will transfer your savings back into your account (I have that feature off). 

2. Qapital

I love Qapital! But I don’t know what I love more about it.. all of it’s pretty,bright colors, or all of it’s features?!? I love features, it just gets me all But seriously I think this app is great and it just keeps getting better to me. This is an app based automatic savings program that again is designed to help you save money effortlessly. It comes with a bit more customizeable features than digit such as allowing more planning within the app for your goals and it also has built-in savings programs already, which I think is just super cool. For instance, they have the “payday rule” which you set it to take a certain percentage each payday to help you “pay yourself first”, whic we all should be doing. They also have the “roundup rule” where everytime you make a purchase, they round it to the nearest dollar amount and take the difference towards your savings goal. They have plenty others too and they also have the traditional “set & forget it rule”, where you set an amount and schedule. Oh and one that I think is really beneficial as entreprenuers and/or freelancers, they have the “freelancer rule”, where they set aside 30% for TAX DAY each time you get paid, so no get jacked up around tax season… so so cool! (in my opinion).

They are also FDIC insured account thats is held by Wells Fargo. They do have a minimum deposit of $10, which is in your benefit and if you don’t have the $10 (no shade), than that’s the exact reason you need to find it and start saving because you haven’t been paying yourself FIRST. Now they have changed some things and now have monthly fees, for basic it’s $3, which I did feel some kinda way about initially but I requested the pretty card and figured if I had to, I would just get a tall latte instead of a grande once a month and “problem” was solved! Seeee be a problem solver, no complaining here!!! 

What I like about them: I love that they allow me to have focused saving goals. They also help me to think goals that I had not thought about and with there built-in savings programs, I honestly have no reason to not be saving nothing at all, whether it’s just change round up, payday savings, or the $1 a week program, it’s literally an option for everyone. 

You know, I’m kinda new to the whole nut eating thing. I mean I’ve eaten nuts before but I’m trying to make it a thing now, ya kno “healthy habits”, “healthy snacking”… but let me tell ya, this trail mix is delicous!!!

3. Ebates

So, we all shop! I don’t care where you are or what you do, you have shopped online at some point in life. Especially if you heard of Amazon. To simply put it, if your about to order on amazon or any other site, go through ebates (will take you to the exact same website). Shopping through ebates is like using a cash back credit card without the interest fees.. lol. Cash back percentage can be anywhere from 1% to 40% depending on store. They also often have additional savings or specials going on for some stores. 

There are a ton of stores on there, such as amazon, ebay, kohrs, walmart, cell phone companies. Just a ton, the point is if you are about to go online and order from Walmart go through ebates. Even if I’m doing a walmart pickup for 1 thing, I’ll go through them because every cent counts and I’ll tell you why shortly. 

You have to get out the mindset that “it’s just a lil change”, change is money, change makes dollars, dollars pay off debt, get you food, take you on vacations, etc so essentially “change” will get you out of debt, pay a bill, increase your savings, etc. I used to think the same way but than I switched over to an “abundant mindset” uh huh.. remember that… 

What I like about them: I love that I’m literally just doing what I was going to already do anyway…shop! I don’t have to jump through hoops. I also really like that on top of the cashback that you receive, some companies offer bonuses, so I have received additional unexpected bonuses as well. Oh and they finally got an app so you shop and save on the go. 

They are free to sign up with and you will receive a $10 sign up bonus after first purchase of $25. **They pay every 3mths through paypal or “big fat check”. I don’t micromanage this, so it don’t bother me, again I was already planning on getting the shoes or makeup before I found out about them… 

What Next?

These are just a few apps that I suggest everyone to sign up with. They are all very legit and I will do indepth reviews of them later but I have always gotten paid or my “saved” money from all of these sources and have been using all of them for more than 2 years. I wanted to keep it simple and not make it complicated to understand.. hopefully I accomplished that. If not, than just take another sip of your coffee.. coffee makes everything better lol! 

The best way to use these small sweeping accounts, in my opinion, is to make a plan for them in your budget (don’t have one?! We’ll get to that too). That way, no matter how “small” the savings is in a month or so, you can plan to use it to pay off a credit card or a small bill or “play” money that won’t be missed. It’s a great way to add additional payments to debt to avoid interest and/or payoff faster, which I’ve done. 

Many Blessings, 

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